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Why I prefer webcam girls to dating

We all want to find for that perfect woman and it is getting harder and harder to find that. Every time I go on a date I am always disappointed.

The last one I went on I went to go pick her up and we went to the movies. We sat in the middle row and the movie started. After about twenty min a couple came in behind us and sat down. They started to have a conversation about there day rather loud. I just ignored it but my date could not do this and mind you this was our first date. When she spun around in her chair she told them to shut the fuck up. I sank in my seat as she turned back.

They were quite for about 15 min and then started to talk again. I could tell she was fed up and was about to ask her if she wanted to leave when she popped up and told the male who started the conversation that she told him to shut the fuck up and if he could not do it that “I” would teach him a lesson and as I stood up and turned around to try and calm down the situation I saw his fist connect with my temple. It knocked me out cold.

I came too in a few min and the couple behind us had left. She was holding my head and asked me why I did not punch him. I looked at her stunned and did not know what to say. From there we got into a taxi and she took me to her apartment. She helped me and I laid myself on the couch because I had a huge headache and as I started to feel better I looked for her in her apartment.

I found her what I found out soon was her bedroom and she was in front of the computer. I came around the side to tell her that I was going home and I was surprised to see her on a website watching anal closeup webcam girls.Anal Cam Girl She was telling the girls on the website to lick peanut butter out of each others pussy and she had spent it looked like 60 dollars on the whole webcam event. Again for the second time that night my jaw hit the ground and I was going to leave but rethought my allocation of time and decide to help her with any needs that she had.

It was the craziest sex that I have had. She did not wait for me to get out of my clothes she just ripped off my shirt. Then she brought out a piece of sex furniture and she pulled aside her thong and told me to fuck her in her ass. Of course I had a duty to do so I did it. Then she started to say the craziest things like she wanted to put a strapon dildo on and fuck me in the ass. At this time I started to get scared. I started to climax and then she pulled it out and told me that I was going to cum on her face. As I did she told me to slap her in the face. When she told me that I started to get dressed. Then she started to cuss me out and I ran for the door.

As she was chasing me I found a taxi and jumped in and told the taxi drive to take me to my apartment. We left and I looked behind the taxi and saw her nude downtown chasing after me. She then called me thirty two times that night and I had to get a new phone number the next day. Needless to say I never called her again.

That is one of the many bad dating story’s that I have. If you have any email me with it and I will post it here.


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